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Where can I find a Ridgewood laser dentist?

When it comes to the highest quality dental care, you can count on Advanced Dental Care of Ridgewood. Our experienced dentist has been providing gentle, compassionate, and effective treatment for families throughout the Ridgewood and greater Bergen County area for over 25 years now, and welcomes the opportunity to see you smile. Whether you’re due for your next routine checkup, require emergency, restorative, implant or cosmetic dental services, you’ll be in excellent hands at our office. Over the years, Dr. Robert Scherrer has remained abreast of the latest developments in dental technology, techniques, and research. As your Ridgewood laser dentist, we offer a number of treatments with a heightened level of precision for your benefit.

The introduction of the laser to dentistry has elevated the standards of care for a growing number of procedures. When used in the treatment of cavities, dental lasers replace the whirring and rumble of the drill with a silent and precise method of removing decayed tooth structure. This is a great option for both children and patients who experience dental anxiety, as the laser operates without direct contact to the tooth. Dental lasers can also be used in the treatment of gum disease, for the ultimate level of precision. With heightened precision comes the maximal conservation of healthy tissue. And because dental lasers cauterize as they go, they minimize swelling, bleeding, and healing times when compared to traditional therapies. In addition to the treatment of cavities and gum disease, dental lasers can be used to treat oral lesions and cold sores. They’re also often used in combination with other dental instruments for certain select procedures. Your Ridgewood laser dentist is happy to discuss how you may stand to benefit from the use of laser dentistry.

If you’d like to benefit from the latest advances in modern dentistry, plan on scheduling a consultation with your Ridgewood laser dentist to learn more about the state-of-the-art treatments being offered at our office. To get started, call Advanced Dental Care of Ridgewood today!

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