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Which Ridgewood Dental Office Can Schedule Me For Cleanings?

Keeping our smiles healthy and looking good is an important undertaking. The latest research and discoveries in oral health care demonstrate that excellent oral hygiene at home partnered with routine care as provided by a dental professional is the best way to establish and maintain excellent oral health at any age. At your Ridgewood dental office, their dentist can help you and every member of your family maintain optimal oral health. Providing exemplary preventative, restorative, emergency, and cosmetic dental services to the Ridgewood area, Robert A. Scherrer, DMD of Advanced Dental Care of Ridgewood has extensive experience in addressing just about any dental issue that requires attention. With a comfortable and hi-tech office environment, Dr. Scherrer and his friendly staff warmly welcome the opportunity to serve new patients and their loved ones.

Ridgewood Dental Office

A large part of the battle for consistently good oral health involves the careful and thorough ridding of plaque from the teeth and between the gums. By keeping plaque from accumulating, you can help prevent the development of gum disease and dental decay, saving you the need for considerable intervention later on. Placing an emphasis on preventative dental care, Dr. Scherrer provides professional teeth cleanings and instruction in the proper methods for brushing and flossing. Encouraging his patients to visit his Ridgewood dental office at least twice a year for checkups and cleanings, he keeps a close watch over your oral health. Having a professional checkup on your teeth, gums and jaws means that dental conditions can be spotted early on, when they’re the simplest to address. For pediatric patients, preventative care focuses on preventing dental decay, and monitoring the growth and development of your children’s teeth and jaws. Providing an extra layer of defense for his youngest patients against the development of cavities Dr. Scherrer recommends the application of dental sealants to the back molars, and fluoride treatments to the teeth, both of which help to cut down the risk for dental decay.

To receive exceptional quality care from an experienced dentist, visit Dr. Scherrer at Advnaced Dental Care of Ridgewood. To make an appointment at your Ridgewood dental office, call the number below.


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